2016 Interpretation Of The Richest Man In Babylon, With A Twist


Eons back, there was a city called Babylon, located between the hills and valleys of Mesopotamia and fished on the banks of the river Euphrates. The city all eyes were turned-the city is so positive that even today the name Babylon awe inspired.

Babylon was a special-something special, because the citizens, the rules of wealth. But the arrogance of their lofty Position, and what was interpreted as their strength was their weakness, which ultimately leads to their destruction.

A series of invasions through the centuries, finally, the city fell into dust, Sands of time, finally wash away the remnants. Several archaeological excavations in present-day Iraq, discovered a part of the former glory. They left behind a wealth of knowledge, in the Form of clay tablets from the excavations in Mesopotamia.

A couple of pills, and your Interpretation of the ‘richest man in Babylon’ Клейсон George p., suitable for the present time is as follows:

1. ‘Part of what you earn-your Interpretation – you have to pay first yourself, then others.

2. Medicine for the lean purse:

and. Save 10% of your income – in today’s parlance, save, invest, and multiply their wealth.

B. you control your spending -2016 Interpretation-avoiding the use of expensive Designer clothes, eat often, lots of holidays, if you can’t afford, and excessive spending via credit card.

S. ‘Multiply your wealth’ – to invest with other words.

D. ‘protection against loss’ – current wisdom – don’t make unsafe investments.

i.e. future revenues, the rising age, and protect your family – how?- by investing a set amount each month that he can multiply over time, and clean the advance payment just in case.

F. ‘skills’ – let us put ourselves in 2016 – update your knowledge and learn new and acceptable skills – the world is changing constantly – isn’t it?

3. To gain happiness, not to take advantage of the opportunities, which supports you as ‘men of action’ is the ‘goddess of luck’ in 2016 – probably a genius, what all see, and the decision that no one takes.

4. ‘Do not admit, that you are familiar with – not on something without knowing about it – in the time travel to 2016 – stay away from the ponzi scheme, do you investigate your due Diligence, before you invest your money, and if you go in the business, learning all aspects of how the company is run before you jump.

5. Better superfluous precaution, as a big regret – not speculation on the financial markets, received the first training.

6. Not without adequate protection’ – sounds unusual?- in today’s world, it would mean, as correctly insured.

7. Where the Definition, way to be found 3000 years down the line, for the interpretation of this has not changed and is not going to change thousands of years later.

During one of the invasions by the conqueror (a) distracted, the rivers Euphrates, to reduce the color depth, and (B) slipped under the walls of Babylon to attack the prisoners, the celebrated religious events of his time.

Message (a): the circumstances can change, therefore, multiple sources of income. In the case of the river dry, and other tributaries will support you. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Not depending on someone else for your financial security.

Message (B): keep you eyes and ears open for news that might interest you. Not to be caught surprised not to have how old night owls Babylon, someone out the Mat from under them. You recognize the Problem as a Problem and not get rid of him to solve the. Not it is in the holidays. . . especially if there is a Problem.

The last contribution – for example, in 2016 in the NES of the future: a good life and financial security should not take place, from a strand. There are several possibilities. Your financial Situation depends on the options and possibilities you have.


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