My Favourite Places in All the World


If it’s good enough for Lonely Planet, it’s good enough for me. It is often my rule when assessing the merits of a type of cheap ads and question dodging worthy of transport in the world more vast. And as Lonely Planet always produces the best in travel list, I think I can also – albeit with the knowledge that such lists are very subjective and instrinsic ally is very forgiving.

Since these caveats out of the way, and without further ADO, here it is:



Beaches, mountains, an abundance of spices, the abundance of easy ways of transportation, not so many tourists. You throw one layer in the fascinating history and culture, on the whole, very relaxed atmosphere, very friendly people, quite lucrative course, and you’d get my vote.

2. Vanuatu

One of my most memorable days of the trip-no matter what happens – we flew in a small plane on two active volcanoes, and heart-shaped reef, staring at the floor diving on the island of Pentecost, ate fresh fish for lunch in a thatched hut in a small village bathed, and with дюгонями. I need to say more?

3. Nepal

I may be biased because we lived here for 6 months, but it is quite as Knock out destinations. The highest mountain in the world, teahouse Trekking, ancient history and vibrant traditions. And some really gorgeous handmade toys for kids to bring home.

4. Morocco

The correct colour and Chaos, together with the wide and introspection, you can not Morocco beat. Except, perhaps,…

5. India

What can I say? The mother of India – you love them or you fear them. I just want to sweaty only to be ткнула in your wide, a little smelly chest. And fill the whole house as a beautiful, vibrant, hand-made treasures that it brings in life, as anywhere else.

6. Portugal

Spices and passion of Spain, but with much less people and a little less coiffured feel.

7. Italy

House-Made Pasta. If I’m not in Australia, I Italian like. Enough said.

8. Peru

You can look for request, skin color, culture, sweets, camera, or almost nothing, other travelers, as Peru served.

9. Turkey

From the lunar landscape of Cappadocia huge coast of Bodrum and beyond, and the world-in the city of Istanbul, Turkey is a great Band that deserves all that there is. And then some.

10. Zimbabwe

It is very painful and hard, but the journey in Zimbabwe as it is to throw my most important tourist impressions, to feel and to learn and rethink and ponder and to answer. It is an experience, to have the it is worth. And there are some interesting things!


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